Moving to Texas from Hawaii

It goes without saying that Texas has a booming economy with a multi-billion-dollar budget surplus.


Which among other things is being spent upgrading roads just about everywhere to make for a even more integrated transportation system.  And, it’s big on statewide high speed fiber optic cables along with its own electric grid with massive renewable and conventional power generation.

It building enormous new warehouse space in the millions of square feet with docking bays for a hundred truck per side.  Texas produces abundant fruit and vegetable that’s being sold locally and of course lots of cows both dairy and beef for all that famous barbeque.  It is in fact a world class economy with its own natural resources and industries.

So, yes there are lots of jobs.

But we’re going to look at the big lifestyle and opportunity questions.



There is no doubt that for day-to-day living, Hawaii is exceptional with its beauty, culture and tropical climate. 


But when it comes to long-term opportunity and if you want more for your money or the freedom to get in your car and go to different states and places, it has always been the mainland.

Being a long-term Oahu real estate agent and being active and engaged in the complex and diverse opportunities of the Dallas Fort Worth area. I want to share the things most people who move to Texas from Hawaii don’t know about and hopefully that insight could make your potential move to the DFW area easier and more successful.


What Is Different?

  • Expect to start driving 45-50 MPH (standard) and 70MPH + on freeways/highways.
  • Expect cheaper gas but high property taxes.
  • Expect housing to be half or less the cost of Oahu for a newly build home or one built recently.
  • Expect those newer homes to be solidly built with regular 2×4 framing and in addition, a solid brick exterior along with central AC/Heat, heavy insulation, high ceilings and yards with sprinkler systems.
  • Expect there to be big choices in housing, vacant land, farms and ranches, apartments and condos (with way lower HOA cost) and many ways to buy and finance.
  • Expect public schools to be more competitive and better than Hawaii and there to be an abundance of private schools.
  • Along with that expect to be voting in an ISD (Independent School District) for school board members and bond issues.
  • And as well, expect to have lots of city, county, and state reps to vote on (elected sheriffs, elected judges, elected county treasurer, state school board, county commissioner, just to name a few. A lot more choices to make than Hawaii.
  • Expect to be able to take road trips to some incredible destinations without spending thousands of dollars on airfare.
  • In the DFW area, expect the weather to be relatively mild in winters (with some short-term icy conditions) and an early spring with hot summers.

There are a lot of ways to invest and build in the DFW area.  Homes are affordable and there is a chance for ownership of one (or even multiple homes) in ways that would be impossible for most people in Hawaii.  Texas offers great opportunity!

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