Moving To Hawaii From Texas (The Mainland)


Hawaii is a big cultural shock to many people.  It has a history strikingly different from the mainland (the continental US).


The History

Two hundred and twenty plus years ago Hawaii had a culture based on the Kapu system which was the governing structure for hundreds of years.

Hawaii had a highly complex island society, and towards the time of  western discovery and influence, was engaged in warfare pitting thousands of warriors, men and sharp shooter women, in desperate, often, hand to hand combat.  The most decisive of these battles, The Battle of Nuuanu, was deemed as strategic in the eventual history of the United States as the battles of Yorktown and Gettysburg.

The post Kapu era starting in the 1820’s gave rise to the Hawaiian Monarchy, modeled after the British Monarchy.  Following the format of the British system the island monarchs promoted a landed aristocracy that in time, came to control nearly half the land area in the islands.  This aristocracy of several dozen families comprised of full blooded Hawaiians, part Hawaiians, and Haoles ( a term meaning “new comer” but is largely applied to Caucasians) out lasted the 70 year reign of the Hawaiian Monarchy.

Theses’ same aristocrats established the Republic of Hawaii and following the annexation by the US, organized the Territory of Hawaii which in turn laid the foundation for the present State and City & County governments of Hawaii.

A lot of the cultural/political differences of Hawaii can be attributed to this rich and very different history.  Add to the mix the exotic Pacific and Asian influences, the growth of the US military in the Pacific and the tourism industry you have, in a nutshell, much of what makes for modern Hawaii.


What Is Different?


  • “Slow Down This Ain’t The Mainland” is serious and speeds are going to be 25 to 55 MPH (with the blazing exception of 60 MPH on a short section of the H-3).
  • Drivers can be REALLY courteous! Don’t be surprised when someone going in the opposite direction comes to a dead stop and starts waving their hand for you to make your left-hand turn!
  • That goes along with people being generally friendly.
  • For all its urbanity most of Oahu and and the rest of the islands are either open land or rugged mountain wilderness.
  • Not to mention you are surrounded by thousands of miles of deep blue Pacific Ocean.
  • There is year-round outdoor activity.
  • If you want to buy a home, you will need anywhere from two hundred thousand to one million dollars as a down payment.
  • And, that can still leave a need for a hefty mortgage.
  • Hawaii real estate has consistently gone up in value over the past 30 years though there was a dramatic pull back during the first Gulf War.
  • There can be some better home prices on Neighbor Islands, but Oahu remains the economic engine of the state.

I know Oahu real estate and all neighborhoods and can help you find the best deal and the right price to fit your goals!

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